Our values

A symbol of life through all the cultures of the world, trees are symbolic, often very old and sometimes beyond our age. As a sacred material, each piece is designed by hand to respect the material and therefore has little impact on the environment. Working by hand is the most natural and healthiest way to conserve energy and transmit all emotions to wood.

Some of the species we use come directly from specialists or individuals. Their recovery as well as their transformation into jewellery, contributes to the reduction of pollution and congestion.

We use wood from trees because it is a noble, natural material with various energetic and medicinal virtues.

Unlike other materials, trees can regenerate and renew themselves.

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Our mission

At the heart of our wooden jewels is the mission to strengthen the sacred bond between Man and Nature. In this world that evolves every day at high speed, nature is the only one that allows us to return to ourselves and to our fundamental values so dear and so important to our vital balance. Each jewel expresses the beauty of life, creation and harmony.