Time to design:

Once your order is taken into account, it takes about three to four and a half weeks of design, depending on the season or the availability of raw materials. The realization is entirely made by hand and requires considerable time to spend on each stage of the design, in order to provide a high quality jewel.

As soon as your jewel is ready you are kept informed by message with a photo of your jewel. For urgent or deadline designs, please send us a message before ordering.

Refreshment Ring:

Although our rings are strong and resistant, it can happen that the finish is accidentally scratched or scratched.

This is why we offer a free touch-up service on all our rings. In case of scratches or loss of shine of your ring, simply send it back to us in order to refresh it.

We only ask that you cover the shipping costs.

Before sending, please contact us and send us a photo of the alliance to be retouched so that we are kept informed.

We will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of your ring upon shipment, which is why we recommend that you send it to us in a secure envelope (Letter Followed or Letter Max) and not in a regular envelope. Please note your name and the address to which the ring will be delivered.

It takes about two to three weeks to repair.

Rings with precious metal inlay requiring crimping, will be charged, since the metal has to be replaced and this requires more work.

Customization/ ordering: 

For each customization or order of rings, make sure you know your respective sizes. For this we advise you if this is not the case, to have you measure the finger turn at a local jeweller, this being totally free.

For your customization, send us a message with your suggestions, choice of essences, stones or materials, your sizes, as well as the width to which you want your ring. Be careful not to go beyond the limits of possible ring widths, between 7 and 12 mm.

Thanks to the great diversity that this precious material offers us, essences jewellery are the only ones that perfectly adapt to any type of skin, morphology, and that match all styles.

However some essences can enhance your complexion and mark your style. That is why I always suggest when customizing or ordering, to make your choice according to three essential points:

1) The colors for which you have the most emotions

2) The essences that speak most to you

3) Your natural complexion


Once your jewellery has been ordered, it takes two to three working days to send your parcel.

For custom orders, please take into account the manufacturing time that may be longer depending on the materials in stock or the volume of orders in progress.

Each order is sent by Tracking Letter or Colissimo with tracking number. Make sure to write down your exact address when ordering to avoid any loss or misdirection. We will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to your package.

Contact us beforehand for any express order at the last minute, so that we can arrange.

For international shipments, your order may be subject to additional duties, brokerage, import or customs fees that are calculated by customs officers. This is not covered by shipping costs. These costs are difficult to estimate and can create a delay that we cannot control.

Durability and maintenance:

The curved wooden rings are very resistant. Their unique manufacturing technique makes them the lightest, most comfortable and sturdiest wooden rings.

To enhance the strength of our rings, we use a waterproof, hard and water-resistant finish and external attack.

Like any jewel, like any piece of furniture, a few basic treatments are enough and the rings should last a lifetime. Despite their strength, we always advise to avoid prolonged contact with water, corrosive products, but also to perform tasks that could damage them in order to preserve their longevity.

The rings are resistant to occasional showering or hand washing.

Keep in mind that it is a living matter.